Custom Sequences

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What you won't see in the Light-O-Rama SuperStar Sequencer is the giant grid that the traditional Sequence Editor uses; instead, effects are added by:


1.Setting time ranges in the time scale.

2.Selecting squares in the Green Pixel grid (also referred to as the sequencing grid).

3.Using the Scenes, Morphs, Images, and Text dialog boxes in the Tools menu.


For more information, please refer to the following sections of this help file:


Creating a Scene


Creating a Morph

Creating an Image Action

Import Image

Creating an Animation

Creating Text

Smooth Effects

Groups of Effects

Select One or More Rows

Export Raw Color Values

Export Macro Channels

Transfer Effects from One Sequence to Another

Load/Save Clipboard

Change to 10 Pixels per Ribbon

"Star Rays", "Wide Grid", and "Thin Grid"

The Layout Dialog Box

Balanced Color Mode / Full Color Mode

Color Temerature (Cool White vs. Warm White)

Enable Time Layer Priority

Smooth Ramps

Configure Controller Unit IDs Using the Light-O-Rama Hardware Utility

Configure Controller Unit IDs in the SuperStar Sequencer

Select All, Select All Left, and Select All Right

Importing a Timing Grid and up to 3 Timing Channels