Prop Definition

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A prop in the Pixel Editor allows you to define a single item that is on your stage, its shape, parameters, etc.






Each prop must have a name. The name must be unique within the preview.


Sequence Method


Props can be created for sequencing in the Pixel Editor, or they can define display elements being sequenced using the Sequence Editor. You must create all props that will be sequenced with the Pixel Editor. Creating props that are sequenced with the Sequence Editor is optional, but allows the sequence for those props to be viewed during playback operations in the Pixel Editor.




This is an optional field for you to make notes about this prop.


Lights Section


Use this section to define the types of lights your prop consists of.


Shapes Secion


Use this section to define how your prop looks.


Channels Section


The section tells the Pixel Editor about the channels in use for this prop.