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If a predefined shape does not meet your needs, then you can click on the “Custom” tab of the Shapes section of the Pixel Editor's Prop Definition window to create a custom shape using a grid. There is a “Help” button on that tab that explains the process of creating a custom shape. From the custom grid, you can cut and paste to and from Excel if necessary to assist in the creation of your custom prop.


For traditional strings and dumb RGB, the number you enter in the custom grid is the string number. For RGB pixels, the number you enter is the pixel number. 1-999 are pixels on the first RGB string. 1001-1999 are pixels on the second RGB string, 2001-2999 are on the third RGB string, etc.


The picture below shows a candy cane with 12 RGB pixels.



Pixel based candy cane


If you were defining a candy cane made using a single incandescent string or a single dumb RGB string, then all of the numbers in the grid would be “1”, as in the picture below.



String based Candy Cane