Other Warnings Tab

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Other Warnings Tab

The Other Warnings tab of the Preview Design window displays warnings that are not related to channel assignments. If there are warnings on this tab, any sequence that uses this preview cannot be played back while control lights is enabled. The tab will show a green check mark if everything is OK, and a warning sign if there are problems.


This is the third of 5 tabs on the Preview Design window. The others are:



Channel Conflicts & Bulk Changes

String Summary





The Other Warnings tab

The Other Warnings tab



Warning Messages


Possible warnings that can appear on this tab include:


A sub-prop is not assigned the same channels as its master prop. If you change the channels assigned to a master prop, you will also need to update the channel assigned to its sub-props.

A group has no members. Either add some members, or delete the group. On the Design tab, you can select Edit > Delete Groups With No Members to quickly accomplish this task.

A group has a circular definition (it includes itself as a member).

Two or more groups share the same name. Each group should have a unique name.

Two or more props share the same name. Each prop should have a unique name.