Hardware Utility

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Hardware Utility


The Light-O-Rama Hardware Utility is used to manage the hardware that you use to control your lights.  This includes several types of controllers as well as other devices such as Light-O-Rama MP3 Directors and Light-O-Rama wireless devices.


Each of these types has a different tab in the Hardware Utility.  When you start the Hardware Utility, the tab for Light-O-Rama controllers is displayed; to access one of the others, simply click its tab.


For details on each, please refer to the following sections:


Light-O-Rama Controllers

Selecting a Comm Port

Setting Unit IDs

Configuring Units

Testing Units

Downloading Sequences

Firmware Update

Light-O-Rama MP3 Directors

Light-O-Rama Wireless Devices

Digital IO Boards (Support removed in S5)

X10 Controllers (Support removed in S5)

Test Console


To run the Hardware Utility, select it from your computer's Start menu (Start / Light-O-Rama / Hardware Utility) or, if the Light-O-Rama Control Panel is currently running, right-click on its icon in your computer's system tray and select "Hardware Utility" from the popup menu.


Note that support for X10 was discontinued in S5.  The X10 tab and other references to X10 in the software will be removed in coming releases.



The Hardware Utility's tab for Light-O-Rama controllers