Firmware Updates

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Firmware Updates

The Firmware Update section of the LOR Control tab of the Hardware Utility can be used to send new firmware to Light-O-Rama controllers.  A controller's firmware has a similar purpose to the operating system on your computer (such as Windows XP or Windows Vista): The operating system on your computer is used to run other programs that you load on the computer, such as Light-O-Rama.  The firmware on a Light-O-Rama controller is used to execute the commands to control the lights and run standalone sequences.


From time to time, new versions of firmware will become available.  In general, unless the new version of firmware has a new feature that you need to use, you should not update the firmware.


If you do wish to update the firmware of a controller, do so using the following steps:


Select the Unit

Select the Firmware File

Download the Firmware


If any problems are encountered, please see "Troubleshooting".


To get to the Firmware Update section of the Hardware Utility, make sure that you are in the LOR Control tab, and click the "Firmware" button (near the bottom).



The Firmware Update section of the Hardware Utility


Select the Unit


It is recommended that only one controller be connected to the computer when updating firmware.  Units can have firmware updated when more than one is attached to the computer, but if you choose to do this, make sure that "Selected unit listed above" is selected, and make sure that the proper unit is selected in the "Select Unit to Configure.. Download.. Test" section (above the "Firmware" section).


If you instead use the recommended method of having only a single controller attached to the PC during a firmware update, choose "Only one unit is connected".


To update the firmware of a Light-O-Rama MP3 Player or a Light-O-Rama Wireless Unit, select the matching entry in the "Select Unit" section.



Selecting the unit


Select the Firmware File


Use the "Open" button to select the firmware file that you wish to send to the controller.  The "Open" button starts in your Light-O-Rama base directory; the firmware files are typically located in the "Firmware" subdirectory.


Select the latest version of firmware for the unit being updated.  The names of the firmware files correspond with the names of the controllers.



Selecting the firmware file


Download the Firmware


Finally, start the download by pressing the "Download" button.  The progress bar will provide you with an update.


If you encounter any problems, please see "Troubleshooting".



Starting the download




If the download does not start within 15 seconds of hitting the "Download" button, check that the unit is powered and properly connected to the PC.  If all else fails, power the unit on and off after you click the download button and the PC is attempting to start the download.