Audio Waveform

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Audio Waveform

For most musical sequences, the Sequencer can display a waveform or spectrogram of the audio at the top of the sequence grid.  This can be useful for visually matching up timings and events to the sound.  The Waveform Display supports a wide range of media types, including video media.  However, not all types of media or media containers are supported (for example, midi files are not supported).


In addition to the waveform itself, a vertical highlight bar is displayed at the time corresponding to your mouse location.


Note that control of the waveform or spectrogram display is done from the Audio Settings window.


Right-clicking on the waveform or the time scale will open a menu that allows you to:


Zoom in and out

Set the freeform play range

Show the Audio Settings window


The right-click menu of the waveform

The right-click menu of the waveform



Zooming In And Out


The first 2 options on the menu allow you to zoom the time scale in and out.


The next 3 options zoom to a fixed time scale: 5, 10, or 15 seconds wide. These can quickly take you to a reasonable time scale if you have zoomed in too far.


You can also zoom in by left-clicking on the waveform and dragging across the area of the waveform where you want to zoom. When you release the mouse button, the new zoom level will take effect. Note that this only works in the waveform area, not on the time scale.




See the Zoom topic for more ways to zoom the sequence grid in and out.



Setting The Freeform Play Range


The "Set Play Range Start" and "Set Play Range End" menu items can be used to create or extend a freeform play range.



Showing The Audio Settings Window


This menu item makes the Audio Settings window visible (if it isn't already). From Audio Settings, you can control the content, colors, and filtering of the audio display area. It can give you valuable insight on how to align your lighting effects to the music.