String Summary Tab

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String Summary Tab

The String Summary tab of the Preview Design window displays a table of all strings defined by every prop in the preview (props with device type "undetermined" are not included).


If you want a print-out of your props and channel assignments to carry with you as you wire up your display, you can use this table, copy it to the clipboard, and paste it into any spreadsheet program. In the spreadsheet you can sort and filter the data, add and remove columns, and print it out.


This is the fourth of 5 tabs on the Preview Design window. The others are:



Channel Conflicts & Bulk Changes

Other Warnings



The String Summary tab

The String Summary tab


The Toolbar




Filter by Device Type


The drop-down box allows you to filter the list by Device Type, so you can view just the LOR devices or just the DMX devices.


Copy to Clipboard


You can use the copy button CopyHS to copy the displayed information to the clipboard so that it can be pasted into a spreadsheet, where it can be sorted, filtered and printed. You can also do this by right-clicking on any cell in the grid and selecting "Copy grid to clipboard" from the pop-up menu.



The Grid


You can sort the grid by any column by clicking on the heading for that column. Clicking on a column heading once will sort it in ascending order; clicking on it again will sort in the reverse order. Particularly useful is clicking on the Device Type column heading, as this will sort first by Device Type, then by Network, then by Unit, and then by Start Circuit giving you list ordered by physical connection (which makes a good reference).



Editing the Data


The right-click menu

The right-click menu


You can make limited edits from this tab. First select some grid cells by:


dragging the cursor across one or more cells, or

click on one cell, then Shift-click on the last cell you want to selected


You do not need to select all columns, or a particular column.You are just designating which props will be altered. In other words, the rows you select are important, but the particular columns don't matter. Next, right-click on the selection and choose the action from the pop-up menu. This menu allows you to change the bulb shape or dimming curve for multiple props at once. Note that there is no "undo" function for these changes.


Select "Modify Prop" from the pop-up menu to open the item's Prop Definition screen. You can also do this by double-clicking on a cell .