Opening the Effects Generator

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The Pixel Editor's Effect Generator can be opened in several ways:


Select Tools > Effect Generator from the menu. Use this method when you just want to explore the available effects or you want to create a library of effects before you start sequencing.

With a sequence open, click the Effect button located in the center, above the grid (or use the shortcut key E). After building your effect and click OK to close the Effect Generator window, and the effect will be saved in a temporary area and described with text just below the Effect button. Any cells you subsequently turn on (or ramp up or ramp down) in the grid will use this effect.

Double-click an effect on the grid. This will select the entire effect and then open the Effect Generator preset to this effect. If you make changes and click OK, the changes will be saved back to the selected effect on the grid. This is the fastest way to modify existing effects in your sequence.

Select a range of cells containing one or more effects on the grid, right-click in the selected area, and choose Modify from the pop-up menu (or shortcut key shift-M). In this case, the new effect will overwrite the existing effects in the selection. However, the shape (on, ramp up, or ramp down) of the existing effects will be preserved.

Select an empty set of cells and use one of these shortcut keys: shift-N (on), shift-U (ramp up), or shift-D (ramp down). The Effect Generator will open allowing you to choose a new effect. When closed, the new effect will be applied to the selected cells.