Opening the Motion Effect Generator

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Opening the Motion Effect Generator

The Light-O-Rama S5 Sequencer’s Motion Effect Generator can be opened in several ways:


From the Tools menu.

oThis menu item can be used when no sequences are open to test effects and optionally save the one’s you like as favorites. You can do this at any license level.

oWhen a sequence is open, this menu item can be used to place a motion effect into the current grid selection See the Sequencing topic for more information on how to use the Motion Effect Generator when editing your sequences. Placing motion effects into a sequence requires the Pro license level.

Double-click on a motion effect on the sequence grid. This will select the entire motion effect and then open the Motion Effect Generator set to this effect. If you make changes and click OK, the changes will be saved back to the selected effect on the grid. This is the fastest way to modify existing motion effects in your sequence.

Select an empty set of cells on a motion effect row, and then right-click and select Insert Motion Effect from the pop-up menu. Or you can use one of these shortcut keys: shift-A (max intensity), shift-U (ramp up), or shift-D (ramp down). The Effect Generator will open allowing you to choose a new effect. When closed, the new effect will be applied to the selected cells.


Select a range of cells containing one or more effects on the grid, right-click in the selected area, and choose Prompt For New Effect > Modify Existing Effects from the pop-up menu (or shortcut key shift-M). In this case, the new effect will overwrite the existing effects in the selection. However, the intensity (for example 100% on, ramp up, or ramp down) of the existing effects will be preserved.

With a sequence open, click the Motion Effect button spiral16d on the toolbar. The pointer will change to the edit cursor when positioned over the sequence grid. Drag the edit cursor over some cells on a motion effect row. The Motion Effect Generator will open, allowing you to build a motion effect.


Double-click on a thumbnail in the Motion Effects window. The Motion Effects window can only displayed when you have a Pro license.