File References Dialog

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File References Dialog

Selecting "File References" from the Sequencer's Sequence menu opens a dialog that lists all files referenced by the sequence. This includes the media file, the background image for the preview, subsequences, and files used by motion effects (e.g. Movie and Picture effects).


Files that don’t exist at the specified location are listed with a prefix of “*** missing ***”. This is an indication that the file reference should be fixed.


You can resize this window, if needed, so you can more easily view the information.


The media file can be fixed using the Media File item on the Sequence menu. The Preview Background file can be fixed in Preview Design. Subsequence and motion effect references can be fixed using the Change Directory and Change File commands described below.


The File References dialog

The File References dialog


Change Directory


To specify a new location for one or more files, click the check box next to the filename(s), then click the Change Directory button. You will be prompted for the new location. Note that this function does not actually move the file(s), rather it updates the effects that reference those file(s). This can be useful if you move your sequence directory, or open the sequence on a different computer.



Change File


In some cases, your file hasn't moved, but rather has changed names. In the screen shot above, perhaps you edited "bw-guitar.gif" and the new version is "bw-guitar-2.gif". In that case, you will want to select the check box select to the file name, then click the "Change File" button. This will prompt you for the new file location (folder and file name).



Where Used


If you want to know where a file is used in the sequence, click the check box next to the file name, then click the "Where Used" button. A pop up message will show where the file is first used (not everywhere it is used). In the example below, "Raindrops.gif" is first used on the prop "candy cane2", on motion effects row "Effects 01", starting at 42.30 seconds and continuing until 1 minute, 0.60 seconds.







Clicking the "Copy" button will place a copy of the list of files used by motion effects onto the clipboard, so you can then paste the information into another document.