File Locations

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File Locations

The first time you start the Light-O-Rama software, you will be prompted for the name of the folder where you want to store sequences and other related files. The default choice is to create a "Light-O-Rama" sub-folder below your "Documents" folder, as shown below.





Light-O-Rama Sub-folders


Regardless of where you choose to put the Light-O-Rama data folder, it will contain the following sub-folders:






The "\Light-O-Rama\Audio" folder is where you should store the media files (audio and/or video) that you will use as the music track for your sequences. The advantage of storing them here, is that Light-O-Rama programs will look for the media files here by default. If you move your sequences to a different computer, or share your sequences with another user, as long as you store the media file here, Light-O-Rama programs will always be able to find the media file without prompting.




The "\Light-O-Rama\Clipboards" folder is where clipboards for the Sequencer are stored when cutting, copying, or pasting effects. Clipboard files have a ".LCB" file extension. Clipboard files created by third-party programs should be placed in this folder.




The "\Light-O-Rama\CommonData" folder contains a number of important files:

​​Previews (LORPreviews.xml)

Motion Effect Favorites (LORFavorites.xml)

Color Fade tool favorites (LORGradients.xml)

Motion Effect Generator palettes (LORPalettes.xml)

Custom Keyboard maps (CustomKeyMaps.xml)



The "\Light-O-Rama\Hardware" folder stores dimming curves that can be loaded into a controller.




The "\Light-O-Rama\ImportExport" folder is the default location for files exported from the Sequencer, including previews, props, and motion effect favorites.




The "\Light-O-Rama\KeyMaps" folder holds custom keymap files created in S4 or earlier. S5 custom keymaps are stored in CommonData.




The "\Light-O-Rama\Logs" folder is not currently used in S5.




The "\Light-O-Rama\LORInternal" folder is used as temporary storage by some Light-O-Rama programs. You should not make any changes to the items stored in this folder or any of its sub-folders.




Below "\Light-O-Rama\Network" folder is a sub-folder called "SavedConfigurations", where exports from Network Preferences are saved. These files have a ".LIV" extension.




The "\Light-O-Rama\Plugins" folder contains sub-folders where files can be added to extend the functionality of the Sequencer:


prop shapes (not yet supported)

motion effects (not yet supported)

software dimming curves




The "\Light-O-Rama\Sequences" folder is where your sequence files should be stored. S5 Sequence files have a ".LOREDIT" extension.




The "\Light-O-Rama\SuperStar" folder contains files used by the SuperStar Sequencer.



Moving Files To A New Computer


If you move your Light-O-Rama software to a new computer, you should copy files in all of the sub-folders noted above, with the exception of Logs and LORInternal.