31: Channel uses undefined comm network

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Message Number: 31

Severity: Warning

Summary: Channel uses undefined comm network

Details #1: The sequence that the channel is in

Details #2: The track that that the channel is in

Details #3: The name of the channel


One of your scheduled sequences contains a channel which is set up to use a network which does not have a comm port defined for it.  The channel will not control lights until this issue is resolved.


The channel could be for a Light-O-Rama controller, which can be set up to use one of four different networks.


It is possible that the channel's network (or device type) is simply set incorrectly.  For example, perhaps a channel for a Light-O-Rama controller was accidentally set to use the Aux A network, whereas you only have a comm port assigned to the Regular network.  Or perhaps a channel was accidentally set to control a Dasher controller, whereas it was intended to control a Light-O-Rama controller.  In cases like these, use the Sequencer to change the channel's settings in Prop Definition.


Another possibility is that you do intend to use the network that the channel has assigned to it, but that network is not set up to use any comm port on your computer.  In this case, use the Network Preferences program to specify a comm port for the network to use.


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