8: Unlicensed LOR demo version used

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Message Number: 8

Severity: Error

Summary: Unlicensed LOR demo version used


Your Light-O-Rama software has not been registered.  Until you register it, it will not actually control your lights (and will have other limitations as well).


This may have occurred for various reasons - for example, it simply may be that you have not yet purchased a Light-O-Rama license.  If you do have a license, though, you may not have entered it on this computer, or perhaps you have recently installed a new version of Light-O-Rama (in which case your license may or may not be valid for this new version).  Or, perhaps your licensing information has been deleted from the Windows registry, perhaps by a registry cleanup tool.


If you have not yet purchased a license, you can do so from the Light-O-Rama website.


If you have already purchased one, try using it to register Light-O-Rama on this computer.  If this does not work, perhaps you have already installed Light-O-Rama on the maximum number of computers covered by your license, or perhaps your license is for an older version of Light-O-Rama than the one that you are trying to run.


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