The LOR Tab

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The LOR tab of Simple mode of the Light-O-Rama Network Preference program enables you to specify up to sixteen different networks for Light-O-Rama controllers, each using a different serial port.  The communications speed of each network can be set independently.  Many users will only ever require a single network, referred to as the "Regular Network".  You can quickly configure the Regular network using the two dropdown boxes: Port and Speed.



The LOR tab, showing only the Regular network


If you need to configure additional networks (referred to as "auxiliary networks" or "Aux networks"), expand the second section (entitled "More (Aux Networks)").  Here you will be presented a list of all available auxiliary networks:



The Aux networks


Clicking on any row in the list of auxiliary networks will bring up a dialog box allowing you to set the port and speed for that particular network:



The Aux network configuration dialog


If you need to set a network up to be an enhanced network, use Advanced Mode (by clicking on the "Advanced" button).


Serial Ports ("Port")

In the dropdown box for each Light-O-Rama network that you wish to configure, chose the serial port that you wish to use for that network.  Make sure that they do not conflict with each other, or with the Dasher port, X10 port, or DMX adapters.


If you do not want to use all possible networks, you can simply set the adapters for some of them to "(None)".  Using only a single Light-O-Rama network is perfectly sufficient for the needs of many users.


Connection Speed ("Speed")

Light-O-Rama can communicate with Light-O-Rama controllers using various communication speeds.  These speeds can be set independently for each Light-O-Rama network:


If you do not have extraordinary needs, "57.6K (Recommended)" is suggested.

If you have controllers that are hooked up to your computer using a very long or poor quality communications cable, you may need to set the speed to "19.2K (Slowest)".

If you have many circuits with very fast action, you may need to set the speed to "115.4K", or even "500K (Fastest)".  Note that these settings are not supported if you are using Light-O-Rama Easy Light Linkers for wireless communications, and that 500K is currently supported only on G3 controllers, Cosmic Color Ribbons, Cosmic Color Bulbs, Cosmic Color Pixels, and the Pixcon 16.  You may also have to upgrade your firmware to use 500K.

If this network ONLY contains Pixcon 16 controllers running on en Enhanced LOR Network, you may select 1000K.  1000K speed can be selected in 'Advanced' mode.



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