The DMX Tab

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The DMX tab of the Advanced mode of the Light-O-Rama Network Preferences program can be used to configure up to 999 separate DMX universes, each using a separate adapter or E1.31 address (although please note that the software and your computer may not be able to adequately drive nearly that many universes simultaneously).  For DMX universes that use an adapter, the adapter and the protocol used on each can be specified; for those using E1.31, the remote IP address and port can be specified.  You can also use this tab to specify the COMM listener port.


Note that the DMX tab can also be used in Simple mode, but Advanced mode is required to configure universes beyond number 16, and also to configure E1.31 universes.



The DMX tab in advanced mode


To configure a particular universe, click on its row in the list.  You will then be presented with the Advanced DMX Universe Configuration dialog, which has two main options - "Use Adapter" and "Use E1.31":



The Advanced DMX Universe Configuration dialog


Use Adapter


If you select "Use Adapter", you will then be able to choose the adapter to use for the universe and the protocol that the adapter uses.  Please refer to Simple mode's documentation on adapters and protocols for details.


Use E1.31


If you choose "Use E1.31", you will then be able to select the IP configuration for the universe to use, by specifying the IP address and port that the E1.31-to-DMX gateway devices are listening on.


Please note that E1.31 configurations can be complex, and may require a firm grasp of networking, network topologies, and addressing.  Such topics are beyond the scope of this document.


IP Address


Here, you must select the type of IP address you wish to use for this universe:


Multicast: Selecting this option will cause the universe to use multicast mode, allowing lighting commands for the universe to be received by multiple E1.31-to-DMX gateway devices.  The actual IP address that will be used depends upon the universe number, in the manner described by the E1.31 standard.  For example, universe 37 will use IP address, while universe 650 will use IP address

Specify: Selecting this option will cause the universe to use unicast mode, and lighting commands for the universe will be received by a single specifc E1.31-to-DMX gateway device, using the IP address that you specify.

Local: This option will cause the universe to send lighting commands to the computer itself, using the local loopback address (




The IP port that the remote device or devices will listen on for lighting commands should be specified here.  In most cases, the default value (5568) should be appropriate.


This should not be confused with the DMX Listener port.


Total Universes to Set


If you would like to set any following ports to these same parameters, simply change the value here to the total number of Universes you would like.  The universe being edited along with as many additional universes following this one will have the identical settings created.


COMM Listener Port


This section can be used to configure the IP port that the Light-O-Rama Comm Listener listens on for lighting commands to be delivered over DMX networks.  Please refer to the COMM Listener Port section of the Simple mode documentation for details.



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