Manage Archived Props Dialog

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Manage Archived Props Dialog

Selecting "Manage Archived Props" from the Sequence menu opens a dialog where you can view all of the archived props in a sequence.




Check the boxes next to the archived props you want to take action on. You can use the "Select All" button to set or clear all of the boxes at once.


After you have selected the desired props, take action by clicking one of the 3 big buttons:


"Move to preview" will convert the archived prop to a preview prop (i.e. it adds the prop to the preview). The prop is no longer archived and its sequencing will appear during preview playback and will control real lights.

"Move to beats" will convert the archived prop to beat channels. While upgrading a sequence, a beat channel in the legacy sequence could get archived because it does not exist in the preview. This command will allow that issue to be corrected. This button is only enabled when working on a musical sequence.

"Delete" permanently removes the selected archive props from the sequence. A legacy sequence might contain channels that were no longer used and those channels would get archived because they don't exist in the preview. There is no reason to keep such channels in an S5 sequence, so this command gives you an efficient way to remove them.


After you are done, click "Save" to close the dialog and make the actions permanent, or click "Cancel" to revoke the changes.