Digital IO Boards

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The Digital IO Boards tab on the Light-O-Rama Hardware Utility can be used to determine if Light-O-Rama can properly communicate with digital IO boards (including BSOFT digital IO boards) installed on your computer.  In order to use these boards with Light-O-Rama, your computer must have the Universal Library and InstaCal installed.


To get a list of the boards that Light-O-Rama can find installed on the PC, click the "Refresh List" button.  Once a list of boards appears, you can select a board to test.  If the board is a BSOFT digital IO board, make sure that you check the appropriate checkbox.


After a board has been selected, you can test either individual pins on the board, or chase through all pins.


If you cannot control the board using the Hardware Utility, then you will not be able to control the board using any Light-O-Rama software, including the Sequence Editor or the Show Player.



The Digital IO Boards tab of the Hardware Utility