Creating a new SD Card Show

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Please remember that for this initial release, Hub can only create simple SD cards much like the Simple Show Builder.  Please see the Light-O-Rama MP3 Directors topic for more information on how SD cards are created.


Before starting to create a new SD card show, please first insert the SD card you would like to use into your computer's SD card reader/writer.  This will allow Hub to search for the card and correctly identify the drive.  If you forget to insert the SD card, Hub will remind you:



When creating a new SD card show, the first thing you will be asked is which type of MP3 director you are using:




You should select the option for the MP3 director you own.  LOR Showtime Central controllers all use the Mini Director, so you should select that.  If you are unsure of which director you have, select 'Help Me Choose'.  Hub will then show and describe the Show Directors we sell and have sold in the past so you can decide.


Next, you will be asked to verify the correct drive for your SD card, as well as select the show you will be creating.  Hub will attempt to correctly identify the drive, however you should always double check to ensure that you are using the correct location on your computer.




If you insert a different SD card into your computer, please press the 'refresh drive list' button.


Show Selection


Up to nine shows can be downloaded to an SD card, and each will be assigned a number between 1 and 9.  If two shows are scheduled for the same time, the lower numbered show will be played.  Mini Directors do not have a time clock and so the lowest show number will always be played.  For this reason if you have a Mini Director, it is best to only ever create 'Show 1' to avoid confusion.


Once you have confirmed your selections, the main screen will be shown:




Here you will be able to add and change the order of sequences to be built for your show.  If you have a Deluxe Show Director, you can also optionally schedule when the show should play.  Mini Directors do not have a time clock and so the schedule is not displayed.


On the left side are all of the sequences that are available on your computer in the specified directory.  If your sequences are not located in your Light-O-Rama data directory, you can press the 'Change Directory' button to move to another folder on your computer.


Sequences are displayed with either [anim] or [music].  Anim are ANIMATION (.las) sequences.  Music are of course MUSICAL (.lms) sequences.  Animation sequences are sorted to the top, followed by Musical sequences.


Select one or more sequences on the left and press the "+" button.  The sequences will then be added to the show you are creating on the right side.  You can duplicate a sequence onto the SD card as many times as you like (up to 99)


To remove a sequence from the show, select it on the right side and press the "X" button.  This removes the sequence from the show, but does not delete the sequence from your computer.


To change the order of sequences that are played in your show, select a sequence on the right and use the UP or DOWN arrow buttons.


Schedule (for Deluxe Show Directors only)

If you have a Deluxe Show Director, you can also optionally set a schedule for when this show should run.


To create a show that runs whenever the MP3 director has power (and the card is inserted), the button in the schedule section should say 'Schedule Ignored'.

To create a show that runs on a schedule, press the button.  The button will then say 'Run the Show on this Schedule", and the days/times will be enabled.




To change the scheduled start/stop time, click on the times under the day you wish to change.  The change time dialog will then be shown:



Select the start and end time you desire.  If you would also like to quickly set other days to the same schedule, click the boxes at the bottom (the day you initially clicked is always selected and can not be un-selected).


Writing the SD Card

Once you are satisfied with the sequences to be created on the SD card as well as their order, press either Create SD Card - Simple Mode or Create SD Card - Advanced Mode.


Simple mode will create an SD Card for 90% of situations.  It will use a single port of your MP3 director at a default speed that should work with all controllers and sequences.

Advanced mode allows you to customize how the SD card will be written.  You should use advanced mode if your display contains pixels, DMX channels, or Intensity Files (Enhanced LOR protocol).


While writing the SD card, you will see the SD Card status screen:



It may take several minutes per sequence to create your SD card.  Once complete, you will see this message: