How to Use Director-Link

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Some Directors have the ability to link up and control many more networks or DMX universes.  These directors have a feature called 'Director Link'.  To use Director Link you need:


1.Two or more directors that support Director Link.  Only directors that specifically say they support director link can be used.  No exceptions.

2.CAT 5/6 wired connections between all directors

3.A show that was created specifically for Linked Directors using multiple SD cards


In a Multi-Director setup, the first director is considered the 'Master' director.  In this director is placed the first card of the multi-card set.  All other directors are considered secondary directors and while they can be connected in any order we strongly recommend you have a logical system in place.  It can become very confusing remembering which director needs which SD card.  The best way to do this would be to sketch out all your directors and all the networks you want attached to them.  Label everything to reduce the confusion.


Linking up directors physically is very simple:  They daisy-chain the same way that LOR lighting controllers do with a CAT 5 cable.  From your first (master) director, run a cat 5 from Net 1 (Labeled G4 Link or just Link) to the next (secondary) MP3 director 's port 1.  For a third director, connect to the OTHER jack on the secondary director labeled 'Link' or 'Net 1' to the third controller's Net 1/Link port.  Continue on that way for any additional directors.


When using MP3 Directors in Link mode remember that NET 1 is reserverd ONLY for linking directors together.  You can only attach other linkable directors to the link port, not lighting controllers.  If you do attach a lighting controller while the director is being used in link mode, the controller will not work or will light random channels.


The connection between 2 directors' link ports can use ELLs.  Please ensure that the ELLs that you use are on a different channel than any other ELL that may be in use for your show.


To create the SD cards needed for multi-link directors, you must use the Advanced SD Card Wizard.