Animation Sequences

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Animation Sequences

An animation sequence is a sequence that is not associated with a song (or video, or other audio file).  This is as opposed to a musical sequence.


There are some other differences between animation sequences and musical sequences:


Animation sequences can contain loops, which musical sequences cannot;

Various song-related tools such as the Beat Wizard, MIDI File Wizard, VU Wizard and Tapper Wizard are only available for musical sequences.

Animation sequences cannot contain beat channels.

Generally speaking, only one musical sequence can be played at a time (although there is an exception to this, described in the help page on musical sequences), whereas many animation sequences can be played simultaneously.


You can convert an animation sequence to a musical sequence by simply setting the media file via Sequence > Media File.


In S5, animation sequences and musical sequences have the same file extension (LOREDIT). This is different from prior versions, where animation sequences had an LAS extension and musical sequences had an LMS extension.


To create an animation sequence in the Sequencer, use the New Animation dialog.


The New Animation dialog

The New Animation dialog