24: Sequence file cannot be loaded

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Message Number: 24

Severity: Error

Summary: Sequence file cannot be loaded

Details: The name of the file


One of your scheduled shows refers to a sequence file that cannot be loaded.  For example, perhaps the sequence file has become corrupted.  The sequence will not play in the show until this problem is resolved.


If you have any backups of the sequence file, check to see if they work.  Note that whenever you change a sequence and save it (using the Sequencer), Light-O-Rama automatically saves a backup copy of the file as it was before your changes, so you may be able to use that backup copy.  It will be saved to the same directory as the original, with the file extension ".bak" appended to its name.  For example, if your sequence is named "MySequence.las", the automatic backup will be named "MySequence.las.bak".


Otherwise, you may have to recreate the sequence, using the Sequencer.


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