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The Light-O-Rama Verifier can be used to check for certain types of problems with the way that Light-O-Rama is configured on your machine, and with your schedule, shows, and sequences.


To use the Verifier, simply click its "Verify" button.  By default, this will cause it to check for issues in your Light-O-Rama configuration, your schedule, shows that you have scheduled, and sequences in those shows.  You can also tell it to "Verify a Single Show" or "Verify a Single Sequence"; note, though, that two sequences which each pass "Verify a Single Sequence" without any problems might have problems when used together in a single show, so it's always a good idea to do "Verify a Single Show" and especially "Verify Entire Schedule" at least once before going live with your show.


As the Verifier is checking for issues, it will display what it is doing in its "Output Log" tab; when it is complete, it will switch to its "Results" tab, showing a list of the issues that it has found:



The Verifier has found one error and seven warnings


Each result has a description, severity, and message number, and may have additional details.  There are several "Details" columns, each of which may contain a piece of information specific to the detected problem.  For example, in the above screenshot, several warning messages appear, all with message number 28, meaning "Channel is completely off".  This message number's first "Details" column shows the name of the sequence in which the problem was found and its second "Details" column shows the track containing the channel which is completely off.  Its third "Details" column (which cannot be seen in the screenshot above, but which could be seen by scrolling to the right) displays the name of the channel.


If you right-click on a particular result, a popup menu will appear:



The right-click popup menu for a result


Clicking "Help on this result" simply opens the help file to the page for the result number in question.


The two "ignore" options let you tell the Verifier that you are not interested in seeing this result in the future - either it specifically ("Ignore this result") or all results with the same message number ("Ignore all results with message number 28").


If you ignore a result (or all results with a certain message number), then whenever such results are detected in the future, they will not count towards the number of errors or warnings which the Verifier says it detected, and they will be displayed on the Verifier's "Ignored Results" tab instead of the "Results" tab.  You can later decide to stop ignoring such results by going to that tab, right-clicking on a result, and unchecking the ignore option that you had previously selected.


You can also save the list of results to a text file, by clicking the Verifier's "Save" button.  Only results on the "Results" tab will be saved to the file; those on the "Ignored Results" will not be.


Please see the list of Verifier messages for details on the types of problems that the Verifier checks for.