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There are several different types of wizards available in the Light-O-Rama Visualizer.  Some help you draw complex props, while others help you to quickly assign channels to the fixtures associated with a prop (the Channel Assignment Wizard and the Fixture Rename Wizard) .


All drawing wizards create a prop and one or more fixtures.  Depending on the options you select, you will be presented with one or more dialog boxes that allow you to specify how the required fixtures will be created.  In general, you can elect to create new fixtures, or assign the wizard data to existing fixtures, or a combination of both.  Most drawing wizards will allow you to select what kind of lights you are using (Strings, CCD, DMX Pixels), or have variants for those different types of lights.


Note that after you use one of the drawing wizards, what is created is just like any hand-drawn fixture.  If you want to modify your newly created prop, it may be easier to delete it and start again with the appropriate wizard rather than trying to move individual bulbs, pixels, et cetera.


Tree Wizard

Arch/Fan Wizard

CCR Wizard

DMX Pixel String Wizard

Matrix Wizard

Channel Assignment Wizard