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In the SuperStar Sequencer, you can create:


Instant Sequences

Custom Sequences

Visualization Sequences

A quick visualization


Instant Sequences


Create sequences in seconds using the Instant Sequence feature by simply doing the following:


Press Ctrl+I to launch the Instant Sequence dialog box; use the three buttons in the lower left of the dialog box.

Click on the "Open Audio File" button to open your audio file.

Click on the "Sequence All" button.

Click on the "Play/Stop All" button.


Custom Sequences


Create custom sequences like the ones that can be seen on the Light-O-Rama website.  These sequences were created using scenes, morphs, images, and text actions, which you can learn about in this help file.


Visualization Sequences


Using the visualization sequences feature, you can sequence all of your lights using the SuperStar Sequencer.  After creating a visualization file using the Light-O-Rama Visualizer, you can import the file into SuperStar by clicking on the File menu and selecting "Import Visualization".  Apply effects to your lights and play them back.  You can even use the Instant Sequence feature on the visualization.


Create a Quick Visualization


Want to use the "Instant Sequence" feature but don't have a visualization of your lights? SuperStar can create a quick visualization file for you.


Click on the Tools menu and select "Create Quick Visualization"

Place a checkmark by each controller that you have.  If necessary, change the settings for each controller.

Click on "Create QuickVis", and it will create a visualization file named "QuickVis.lee".   The visualization will be a grid of lights where each light represents a channel.  With this grid of lights, you can now use Instant Sequence to create a sequence for your lights.