Verifier Messages 1-10

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The following are some messages can be generated by the Light-O-Rama Verifier.  For details on any given one, please refer to its individual help page.  To see all possible messages, please refer to the List of Verifier Messages.


Message 1 (Info): No errors or warnings found

Message 2 (Warning): Verification cancelled

Message 3 (Error): Light-O-Rama is not fully installed

Message 4 (Error): No registry entry for application path

Message 5 (Error): Application directory does not exist

Message 6 (Warning): Verifier not running from LOR application path

Message 7 (Error): Application file does not exist

Message 8 (Error): Unlicensed LOR demo version used

Message 9 (Warning): Unsupported version of Windows Media Player

Message 10 (Error): No registry entry for user data path