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Choose the “Traditional” tab of the Lights section of the Pixel Editor's Prop Definition window to model strings of LEDs or incandescent lights or strobes. Colors for your string are defined on the left. Click the “Custom” button to choose a custom color. By default, the custom color is close to an incandescent warm white bulb.




Set the “Type” drop-down as follows:


Choose “Channel per color” for single color strings or bundles of single color strings (sometimes referred to as superstrings) or single color flood lights. Select color(s) for the strings on the left. For each color you choose, that color will show up in the “Order” list on the right. The Pixel Editor will assign one channel for each color that you choose. If you are defining a bundle and the channels for these strings are numbered consecutively, it is recommended that you use the up and down arrows on the right-hand side to put the colors in the order that their channels are assigned (click on a color to select it, then use the arrow buttons to move it into the correct position). This way, the channels will be assigned correctly without any additional action.

Select “Multicolor string 1 ch” for a single string with various light colors. Choose the colors that make up the string.

Select “Strobe string 1 ch” for strobe lights. Choose the color of your strobes. You can choose multiple colors if you have mixed strobe colors on your string.