The Effects Summary Tab

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The MIDI File Wizard's Effects Summary tab can be used to get an overall idea of a MIDI song.  It displays, for example, which instrument is playing what note when, and the beat of the song.  It can also mute instruments, so that you can listen more specifically to certain other instruments.


The Effects Summary tab cannot be used to insert timings or lighting effects into the sequence.  To do that, use the other tabs of the MIDI File Wizard - the Various Effects tab and the Individual Notes tab.


To use the Effects Summary tab, simply hit "Play".  The song will begin playing, and the controls on the tab will start lighting up to represent what's happening in the song.  The boxes in the "Various Effects" section will light up to represent the beat of the song; the "General Instruments" section will show which instruments are playing which notes when; the "Percussion Instruments" section will show which percussion instruments are playing at what times.


You can choose to mute certain instruments, by selecting the "Mute" radio button next to each, so as to listen more closely to other instruments.


You can also superimpose clicking beat sounds over the song, to more clearly hear where the beat is falling, by checking the "Beat Sound" checkbox in the "Beat Adjuster" section.



The MIDI File Wizard's Effects Summary tab