System Requirements

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For editing, the Visualizer should run without difficulty on any reasonably modern computer from the past ten years.


For simulation, the performance of the Visualizer is dependent upon the size of the simulation, the number of channels in use, the rendering engine used, and the amount of data being sent from the Sequence Editor or Show Player.  Using the Advanced Rendering Engine, the Visualizer has been successfully tested with a 1920x1080 10,000 channel RGB sequence.  These performance numbers are highly dependent on the performance of the video card installed on the machine.


The size limit of a simulation or background is 2500x2500.  If you load a simulation larger than that, or start a new simulation with a picture larger than that, you will be prompted to change the size.  Please understand that just because the maximum is 2500x2500, that does not mean that you will have success with your simulation at that size.  Smaller simulations will run much faster than larger ones.