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Launching SuperStar in S5


To launch SuperStar from the S5 Sequencer you must have the Pro license. Once you have the Pro license you can create motion effect rows.  If you do not plan on purchasing the Pro license then it is recommended that you use S4.  The version of SuperStar that is in S4 has all the same features as the version that is in S5.


Once you have the Pro license then the way to use SuperStar in S5 is to do the following:


1.Select some of all of a motion effect row (To select all of a row do right click on the row and select “Select” and then select “Row”).

2.Right click on the region you just selected and select Insert SuperStar Effect

3.Wait a few seconds and SuperStar will launch.

4.Do your sequencing. There are several ways to do your sequencing as listed below:


Load in a Purchased Sequence

Click on the “File” menu and select “Open” and open a .sup file that you have purchased. The effects will be loaded into the SuperStar screen and you can play them to the screen. Note that you should be using a preview that matches the layout that the sequence was designed for.


Instant Sequences

Create sequences in seconds using the “Instant Sequence” feature by simply doing the following:

Press Ctrl+I to launch the Instant Sequence dialog box, use the 3 buttons in the lower left of the dialog box

Click on the “Open Audio File” button to open your audio file

Click on the “Sequence All” button

Click on the “Play/Stop All” button


Custom Sequences

Create Super Sequences like the ones at www.superstarlights.com

These sequences were created using scenes, morphs, images, and text actions. Learn more about how to do this in the Custom Sequences topic.


Auto Sequence

In the Scene, Morph, Smooth Effects, Image, and Text dialog boxes you can click on the button that has a car on it and add an Auto Sequence Effect.  SuperStar will automatically move the effect with the music. It takes a little longer to learn to do Auto Sequence than Instant Sequence but it is more versatile and allows individual creativity in applying your effects. For complete instructions visit the Auto Sequence topic.


5.After doing your sequencing in any of the ways listed in step 4, simply shut down SuperStar by clicking on the Red X in the upper right of the program.  You will be returned to the S5 Sequencer and the the sequencing that you did will automatically get saved into the S5 Sequencer.  Click on the “Play” button in the S5 Sequencer and the sequencing will be played to the S5 computer screen.

6.If you wish to edit your sequencing, double click on the sequencing in the S5 Sequencer motion effect row, SuperStar will launch and the effects that you saved will be in SuperStar and you can edit the effects and then shut down superstar and those changes will automatically be saved.