Status Bar

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The Light-O-Rama Visualizer's status bar shows the current status of the Visualizer, plus additional information which may be helpful.  It is broken down into different regions depending upon whether the Visualizer is in editing mode or simulation mode:


While Editing


1.Indicates if the simulation has changed since it was last saved.

2.Information area: additional information about a tool in use, et cetera.

3.This section is unused while editing.

4.Location of the cursor (X, Y) in the edit window.

5.Current time.


While Simulating


1.Stop button: ends the simulation and returns to edit mode.

2.Information area: Additional information about the simulation.

3.FPS: Shows the current performance of the simulation.

4.Queue Gauge: Graphically shows how much information is in the queue waiting to be processed.

5.Current time.