Selecting Items

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Items in the Pixel Editor's item list can be selected by clicking them. The prop or group that is selected will then be displayed in yellow in the design window on the right. You can also do the reverse: you can click on a prop in the design window and its name will be highlighted in the Item List.


You can also select more than one item at a time. This is often useful for moving several props at the same time or for creating prop groups. In the Item List, Ctrl-click on an item to select it in addition to items already selected. Use Shift-click to select a range of items in the list. When selecting items using the mouse in the design window, hold the Shift button down on the keyboard while clicking the mouse and that prop will be added to the ones already selected.


In the picture below, the “Gutters” prop has been selected – it is highlighted in the item list and displayed in yellow in the design window.