Rename Prop

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This dialog is presented when you run the Prop Rename Wizard, or when importing a Prop file.  Depending on how the Rename Prop dialog is used, some fields may not be visible or usable.


Prop Name Options


Use the prop and fixture names specified in the file: This option is only presented if you are importing a Prop file.  Selecting this option disables all other options.

Rename the prop to: This text box is pre-filled with the existing prop name.  If this option is selected (or if it is the only option available), the "Fixture Name Options" become available.  You can change the name of the prop here, or keep the existing name.


Fixture Name Options


Automatically rename the fixtures with the prop name and a number: For each fixture attached to this prop, this option will replace the name with the prop name and a sequence number.

Prompt me for the name of each fixture: For each fixture attached to this prop, present a dialog with the existing name and allow it to be changed if desired.