Remove Prop Channel Data

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Select "Migration Tools", then “Remove prop channel data from Sequence Editor” from the Pixel Editor's Sequence menu to finish the migration of RGB props from the Sequence Editor into the Pixel Editor.


Typically, this tool will be used after you have successfully completed an import from the Sequence Editor and/or from xLights. It could also be used if you want to start fresh with Pixel Editor effects - discarding any work previously done in the Sequence Editor.


After selecting the menu item, you will be presented with the window shown below. In the grid will be a listing of all of the props in the Pixel Editor sequence. For each prop it will show the number of channels that the prop definition contains in the Pixel Editor (PE Channels column), the number of matching channels that it could find in the LMS (or LAS) file (SE Channels column), the difference between the channel counts (called "Delta"), whether there are effects already defined for in the Pixel Editor for the prop (PE Events column), and whether there are effects defined for the matching channels in the Sequence Editor (SE Events column). The “Delete?” column should be checked for each prop whose effects should be removed from the Sequence Editor file. The column will be automatically checked if the delta column is 0, PE Events is “Yes”, and SE Events is “Yes”. When you are ready to proceed, click the “Remove Channel Data” button.




After pressing the “Remove Channel Data” button a backup copy of the original LMS/LAS sequence will be made automatically. Events for Sequence Editor channels will be removed if their physical settings (network type, unit ID or universe number, and circuit number) match those of a Pixel Editor prop. Therefore, it is very important that your channel settings are correct in both the Pixel Editor and the Sequence Editor before you proceed. The Pixel Editor sequence is not changed by “Remove Channel Data” function. Changes to the LMS/LAS sequence are not actually saved to disk until you select File > Save from the menu, or save the sequence as you are exiting the Pixel Editor.


Opening the LMS/LAS file in the Sequence Editor shows the results of the migration:


Migrated channels have a prefix of “Migrated to PE-“

Migrated channels have no effects/events

Migrated channels have no Device Type