Reference Channels

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You can use any sequence file or channel configuration file to help you assign channels to fixtures in the Light-O-Rama Visualizer.  The Channel Assignment Wizard can also help with assigning reference channels to complex props.


Note: It must be remembered that there is no connection between the Visualizer and the reference file used to assign channels to a visualization.  Once you assign a channel in the Visualizer, changes to that channel in the Sequence Editor are not automatically reflected in the Visualizer, nor vice versa.


To load a reference file, select the "Load LOR Channel References" command.  From here, you can load one or more sequence files (musical or animation), or channel configuration files.  Press the select file button ("...") to pick the file that you want to use, and then press the LOAD button.


Once a file is loaded, the Visualizer will sort the channels and then attempt to remove all duplicates.  If the program cannot determine which channel should be used, a dialog will be presented to you to choose which channel you wish to keep.


When you select the DONE command, you are given the option to update your fixtures with the new channel data.  The Visualizer will then attempt to match your imported channels with those already defined in the Visualizer, and update where applicable.


Loading a channel reference file will also make it easier to initially assign channels to your fixtures.  Once you have loaded one or more channel references, a button becomes available on the Channel Settings window, allowing you to select a channel from those loaded.  Once selected, the program will fil in all the rest of the window (name, color, device type, etc.).