Protected Sequences

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A protected sequence is a sequence which, generally speaking, cannot be modified, and whose sequence grid cannot be viewed in the Sequence Editor.  Protected sequences can, however, be played just like any other sequence; they can be scheduled in your shows, they can be played in the Sequence Editor, they can be downloaded as standalone sequences, and they will control your lights.


There are some things about a protected sequence which can be modified:


The location of the media file (via Edit / Media File);

The animation (via View / Animation);

The Windows shell command (via Edit / Windows Command).


To create a protected sequence, open the sequence which you wish to protect, and then select "Export as Protected" from the File menu.  It will prompt you to select a filename for the protected sequence; note that you should not use the same filename as the original (unprotected) sequence itself, because if you do, you will no longer be able to modify that sequence.  Instead, select a different filename; by default, the Light-O-Rama software will suggest "Protected-" followed by the original sequence's filename.  For example, if your original, unprotected sequence is named "MySequence.lms", Light-O-Rama will suggest "Protected-MySequence.lms" for the filename of the protected sequence.


The ability to create a protected sequence is available only with the Advanced license level.



A protected sequence, as displayed in the Sequence Editor