Prop Views

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In the Pixel Editor, by default, props that have a Sequence Method of Pixel Editor and any prop groups will be listed down the left hand side of the grid. You can change which props are displayed by clicking the Props button.


Use the checkboxes to select which props get displayed in the grid. You cannot change the display order of individual props in the grid, but you can choose the order by type of prop. By default, props in the left section are displayed first, followed by prop groups listed in the second section, then props list in the third section, and lastly the channels listed in the far right section. Use the “Display Order” drop-down boxes to change the default order. For example, to list beat channels on top, change the display order in the far right section to “1”, then change the other sections to 2, 3, and 4.




You can save the current list of props so they can be called up later by clicking on the “Prop View” button above the sequence grid, then selecting “Add View” from the menu. Once you do this, the name of the prop view will be added to the Prop Views drop down above the grid.




Selecting “Update View” will update the current prop view with the currently display props and prop groups. Selecting “Delete View” will permanently remove the current prop view.