Prop Properties: Change Fixture Properties Tab

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This tab on the Light-O-Rama Visualizer's Prop Properties dialog allows you to update the most used parameters of fixtures assigned to a prop.  For example, you can quickly change the bulb size of all fixtures assigned to this prop.


The parameters that can be changed are: lock status, level, size, shape, spacing, flood size, and flood max opacity.  For more information on what these parameters mean, please see the documentation on Fixture Properties.


Depending on the parameter, not all fields are available for all fixture types.  For example, "Spacing" is undefined for any fixture except "String" fixtures.


You may notice that some of the fields are blank and yet available.  If a field is blank, that means two or more fixtures in this prop have different values for this field.  For example, if two fixtures are attached to this prop and one has "Round" bulbs and the other "Square", the "Shape" field will be blank.  If you leave the field blank, then this parameter will not be updated for any of the fixtures in the prop.  If you do change a blank field, then all fixtures attached to this prop will have that parameter changed.



The Prop Properties Fixture Properties tab