Paste By Cell

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When pasting in the Pixel Editor's sequencing grid, Paste by Cell pastes effects based upon the relative durations of the copied cells and the cells where they will be pasted.


For example, consider timings at 0 seconds, 1 second, and 2 seconds.  Between 0 and 1 is a fade up, and between 1 and 2 is a fade down:



Events to be copied


These events will be copied, and pasted to the time starting at 5 seconds.  There are timings at 5 seconds, 7 seconds, and 7.5 seconds:



Where they will be pasted to


If "Paste by Cell" is selected, then there will be a fade up from 5 to 7, and a fade down from 7 to 7.5:



After pasting by cell