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Selecting "Open" from the Pixel Editor's File menu allows you to choose an existing sequence to open. Here you are choosing an LMS or LAS file created by the Sequence Editor.


When opening a sequence for the first time in the Pixel Editor, you will be prompted to select a preview to associate with this sequence. Previews can be shared across many sequences. If you choose not to associate a preview at this prompt by clicking the “Cancel” button, you can do so at a later time by selecting Sequence > Assign Preview from the menu. You will not be able to do any sequencing until a preview is assigned.





After the file has been read, you may get a pop-up window that displays warnings about your sequence. An example is shown below.




In this example, there are 2 warnings. The first one indicates that 2 channels ("Unit 1.4 Balcony Blue 7" and "Unit 1.4 Zone 1 Blue") are assigned to the same physical controller and circuit. The second warning indicates that the media file could not be located. Both types of warnings require that you close the Pixel Editor, then open the sequence in the Sequence Editor and take corrective action there.