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The Advanced and Pro versions of the software can export/import your entire network configuration to a file.  This is useful if you would like to have multiple different configurations available, or if you use the software on multiple machines and want to move the configuration between them.


The Import/Export function works on ALL the parameters that can be changed in the Network Configuration program.  This includes not only actual network configurations, but also things like X10 and Dasher networks, MCP Compatibility mode, etc.


Please be careful when importing a network configuration from another computer.  While the hardware and software give a best-effort to configure themselves the same way across physical machines, that is not guaranteed.  This is especially true of COM port settings, and IP addresses.  After importing a configuration, you should always check all values to ensure they are correct.


To export your configuration, press the Export button and give the file a name.  The exported files are normally saved in the LOR Data path under "Network\SavedConfigurations".  An exported file will have the .LNP extension.


To import a configuration, press the Import button and select the configuration to import.