LOR MotionPaks

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MotionPaks are what bring unique display elements to life.  These are not 'sequences' in themselves as they do not contain the programming for any other part of your show - you will need to already own (or purchase) the 'Base Sequence' from the Light-O-Rama sequence store.


The 'Base Sequence', usually just called the 'Sequence' contains all the main commands for a particular song.  If a MotionPak is available for that particular sequence, it adds additional programming to make things like singing faces or pixel trees work.  A MotionPak is unique to the sequence it is for, as well as for the prop it is made to control.  For example, you could have the sequence "A Mad Russians Christmas" by TSO in your show.  There could be several different MotionPaks available for that sequence - one for singing faces, another for a pixel tree, and perhaps even one for a pixel screen.  You only need to purchase the MotionPak(s) for that sequence for the prop(s) you own.  And remember that the 'Singing Face' MotionPak for this sequence is not the same as a MotionPak for a singing face for "Hard Candy Christmas" by Dolly Parton.