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The Light-O-Rama Visualizer imposes the following limits on your visualizations:




Maximum size of a simulation: 2500x2500 pixels.  However, it may be further limited based on your computer's specifications.

Total number of fixtures: 1024

Total number of props: 512

Maximum number of bulbs/vertices per fixture: 256 (depending on Fixture Type)

Maximum number of loaded channel references: 10,000 normal plus 10,000 RGB




Maximum number of virtual channels: Unlimited, but only the first 255 will be simulated.

Maximum number of fixtures per channel: Unlimited, but only the first 16 fixtures will be simulated.

Cosmic Color and DMX Pixel Fixtures: Only 1 CCD fixture per Network/Unit or 1 DMX Pixel fixture per Universe - No duplicates.

Device types and unit IDs: This depends upon your license's feature level.  Please refer to the feature comparison chart to check whether your device type or unit ID is supported by your feature level. Note: The demo version of the Visualizer counts as Basic with respect to this.