Importing and Exporting Fixtures and Props

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The Light-O-Rama Visualizer makes it easy for you to create a library of frequently used fixtures and props, and to share those fixtures and props with other Visualizer users if you desire.


To export a fixture, first select it and then open the fixture's properties dialog.  Click on "Export Fixture File", and give your fixture a file name.  When you press OK, you will be asked if you also want to save the fixture's channel data.  Saving the channel data allows you to quickly import this fixture into another simulation, without the need to wire it up.  If, however, your channels will be changing, you plan on using this fixture with multiple sets of channels, or if you intend to share this fixture with other users, you may want to not save the channels during the export.


To import a fixture, select the "Insert Fixture from File" tool.  Select the fixture you wish to import, and press OK.  If there were one or more channels defined on the fixture, you will be asked if you want to retain them or blank them out.


Importing and exporting props works in the same way as importing and exporting fixtures, except that you start the process on the "Prop Properties" dialog box.  When you import a prop, you are also given the option to rename the prop and the associated fixtures.