Import From xLights 3

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Selecting "Migration Tools", then “Import from xLights 3” from the Pixel Editor's Sequence menu allows you to import an xLights version 3 sequence file into the currently selected sequence (the conversion does not work on files from version 4 or later). After selecting the menu item, you will be presented with a conversion window. There are 3 steps:


1.Choose the xLights 3 sequence file. These files have an XML extension.

2.After the xLights file is selected, a list of models in the file will be listed in the left column. In the right column you will need to open the drop-down and choose the corresponding Pixel Editor prop. If there is no corresponding prop, select “DO NOT IMPORT”.

3.After completing step 2, you may click the “Import” button at the bottom. Most, but not all, xLights 3 effects have a corresponding effect in the Pixel Editor. The conversion algorithm will do its best to convert the effects as it imports them. After the import, you may need to go back into some of the effects and adjust speed or position to match the original xLights version of the sequence. Effects with no match in the Pixel Editor will be converted to a “colorwash” effect.