Grid Views

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Grid Views

A grid view is an ordered collection of grid rows. A grid view can contain any type of grid row except loop rows and beat channels. Loop rows (in animation sequences) and beat channels (in musical sequences) are fixed to the top of the sequence grid and do not change when the grid view is changed.


A sequence can contain multiple grid views, and there is a grid view selector that allows you to quickly flip between them. To the right of the grid view selector, is a button that opens the grid view menu.


There is a system grid view named "Show All Items" which automatically displays all items in the sequence. If an item is added to the preview, it is automatically added to the "Show All Items" grid view. You can change the order of items in the "Show All Items", but you cannot add, remove, or copy items within it. All other grid views are user created, and you have complete control over their content. You might have a grid views for lights in your yard and another for lights on your house. Or you might have one grid view for props with traditional lights and another for ones that have pixels. Creating grid views is optional; you can stick with the "Show All Items" grid view and leave it at that.


Areas within the Sequence Tab

Areas within the Sequence Tab


All sequences are initially created with a "Show All Items" grid view.  There are a few ways to add another grid view using the Sequencer:


From the Grid View menu:

"Add New View" will add a grid view and let you pick the props and groups that appear in it

"Save View As" will create a new grid view with the same props and groups as the current grid view. This can also be used to copy the "Show All Items" system grid view to a user grid view, which you can more extensively customize.

Right-click on a channel, prop, or group name on the left side of the grid and select "Copy to Other Grid View". This will allow you to add the item to an existing grid view or to a brand new grid view.




It can make the process of sequencing easier if your props and groups are listed in the same order in every sequence. You can do this by setting up the desired order in one sequence, and perhaps categorize the props into several grid views. To make your grid views available in other sequences you export then from the original sequence and import them into the others. See the "Grid Configuration" item on the Grid View menu (also available on the Sequence menu).


Note: the "Show All Items" grid view is excluded from the export/import process because it is system-generated. Use the "Save View As" item on the Grid View menu to copy it to a user view, which will be exported.