Time Format

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Time Format

Whenever the Light-O-Rama Sequencer asks you for a length of time, you can generally specify hours, minutes, seconds, and hundredths of a second.  You don't have to specify all of them if you don't want to.


The general format is:




Where HH is hours, MM is minutes, SS is seconds, and hh is hundredths of a second.  You usually do not have to type all of that in, though; for example, if you are concerned only with seconds, you don't have to type in anything about hours, minutes, or hundredths of seconds.


The Sequencer also uses this same format whenever it displays a length of time to you.


The following examples show how to specify various lengths of time:


Length of Time


Ten seconds


Ten and 37/100 seconds


Three minutes and ten seconds


Three minutes, ten and 37/100 seconds


Seven hours, three minutes, and ten seconds


Seven hours, three minutes, ten and 37/100 seconds