Clipboard Management

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Clipboard Management

Clipboards are used to copy (or cut) and paste lighting effects from one area of the sequence grid to another.  In the Sequencer, you can have multiple different clipboards, allowing you to keep several different sets of effects available to be pasted. However, only one clipboard can be active at any given time.


You can also lock clipboards so that they cannot be copied into (thus preventing accidental overwriting of their contents):



Unlocked clipboard


Locked clipboard


The default clipboard is named "Std Clipboard" and it cannot be locked, renamed, or deleted. The active clipboard is shown on the toolbar with an icon to indicate whether it is locked or unlocked.


The active clipboard (enlarged)

The active clipboard (enlarged)


Click on the name of the active clipboard on the toolbar to open the Clipboard Management window.


The Clipboard Management Window

The Clipboard Management Window



Setting the Active Clipboard


To select the active clipboard (the one that will be used for cut, copy, paste, and repeat operations), simply click on its name in the Clipboard Management window so that the desired row is selected, then click the OK button to close the window. The toolbar will update to reflect your selected clipboard.


Adding New Clipboards


By default, the Sequencer has a single clipboard. However, the "Add New" button can be used to quickly create multiple clipboards. After clicking the button, you will be prompted for the new clipboard name.


Renaming a Clipboard


Click on a clipboard in the list, then click the Rename button. You will be prompted for the new name.


Deleting a Clipboard


Click on a clipboard in the list, then click the Delete button. The deletion will happen immediately -- you will not be prompted to confirm.


Locking and Unlocking Clipboards


A clipboard can be locked or unlocked; a locked clipboard cannot be copied into (though it can still be pasted from). This prevents accidentally overwriting copied effects that you want to keep available.  If you attempt to copy to a locked clipboard, you will get a pop-up message:




To lock a clipboard, click on its name to select it, then click the Lock button. To unlock a clipboard, click on its name to select it, then click the Unlock button.


Adding Clipboard Files Created by External Applications


There are some third-party tools that can create clipboard files (files with an LCB extension). You can make these available in the Sequencer by moving or copying the file into the Clipboards folder. Once the file is in that folder, the file name will appear the Clipboard Management window.