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Each sequence that you create may have an preview associated with it.  This is a simple drawing of the layout of the lights that will be used in the sequence. In fact, the preview must be created before the sequence is created.


When you play a sequence using the Sequencer, you can also watch the sequence's preview.  The drawing will change as if it were the lights that the sequence controls - that is, parts of the drawing will turn on and off, fade up and down, twinkle, and shimmer, just as the sequence commands.


A sequence's preview can be assigned a background image (for example, a photo of your house), which you can draw the lights on top of.


To view or edit a sequence's preview in the Sequencer, select "Animation" from the View menu, or click the "View Animation" button in the Standard toolbar.


For details on how to create and modify animations, please see the Animator.



The Animator, with lights drawn on top of a background photo of a house