53: Trigger uses undefined network

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Message Number: 53

Severity: Warning

Summary: Trigger uses undefined network

Details #1: The name of the show containing the trigger

Details #2: The name of the undefined network that the trigger uses

Details #3: The name of the trigger


One of your triggers (either a show startup trigger or an interactive group trigger) uses a network that is not defined in Network Configuration.  The trigger will not function during your show.


There are at least two different reasons why this warning may occur, and how to resolve the issue depends upon which one is the cause.  First, there may be a mistake in the settings of the trigger itself; for example it may be set up to use network Aux B, whereas you intended it to use network Aux A.  In this case, change the definition of the trigger (either in the show startup options or the interactive group, depending upon what kind of trigger it is).  Second, the trigger may be set up to use the intended network, but that network might mistakenly not have a comm port defined for it.  In this case, use the Network Configuration program to set the configuration of the network.


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