34: Subsequences not supported

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Message Number: 34

Severity: Warning

Summary: Subsequences not supported

Details #1: The name of the subsequence

Details #2: The name of the parent sequence containing the subsequence

Details #3: The name of the channel in the parent sequence referencing the subsequence


One of your scheduled sequences contains a channel set up to be a subsequence, but your license does not support subsequences (or you are using the unlicensed demo version of the software).  The parent sequence will play at its scheduled time, but the subsequence will not.


If you already have a license, and have registered Light-O-Rama on this computer, then to get the subsequence to play, you would have to upgrade to a higher license level which supports subsequences.


If you are using the unlicensed demo version, and you have not yet purchased a license, you can do so from the Light-O-Rama website.


If you have already purchased one, try using it to register Light-O-Rama on this computer.  If this does not work, perhaps you have already installed Light-O-Rama on the maximum number of computers covered by your license, or perhaps your license is for an older version of Light-O-Rama than the one that you are trying to run.


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